vrijdag 12 januari 2018

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup: 12 Amigurumi Valentine's Creatures!

Free Valentine's Creatures Crochet Patterns

Ah, Valentine's Day! The most romantic day of the year. Perfect for letting your partner know how you feel about them! And there are many ways to do that, but in my humble opinion the very best way is to make them something unique and personal. And it doesn't get any uniquer than this little list of awesome romantic crochet Valentine's creatures! Forget roses, chocolates and other cliché romantic gestures - say "I love you" with a yarn heart with feet, or with kissy lips on a stick or with little Valentine's devils or monsters. Why be ordinary when you can be crochet-extraordinary? This list of Valentine creatures features the best and cutest (and, let's be frank, zombiest...) of all the free Valentine's Day crochet patterns on the web. Get some fluffy robot-love going and get your hook out! Happy crocheting!

vrijdag 5 januari 2018

Free Crochet Pattern: Darth Vader Amigurumi Doll

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Come over to the dark side and make this fantastic little Darth Vader for the Star Wars super-fan in your life. He's ready for some light saber action in his mask, helmet and cape! Really, the dark side has never looked so cute!

vrijdag 17 november 2017

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup: 21 Free Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Patterns!

Free Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Patterns

I love the fall season. There is something about autumn and its beautiful warm colors that just makes me reach out to my favorite pumpkin-spice hot beverage. The start of the autumn season means that Thanksgiving is coming! And Thanksgiving means turkeys! This article contains lots of wonderful free turkey crochet patterns for you to make this Thanksgiving season.

vrijdag 10 november 2017

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup: https://feltmagnet.com/textiles-sewing/Free-Fall-Thanksgiving-Wreaths-Crochet-Patterns!

Free Fall & Thanksgiving Wreaths Crochet Patterns

Wreaths add a stylish element to your seasonal decorations. These free crochet patterns are for wreaths for the fall, autumn and Thanksgiving season! Some are stylish and elegant and some are fun and whimsical with hidden woodland creatures and other fall items! Get inspired by these wonderful free patterns and go make your own!