zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

And Now On Instagram: Crochet Bride Doll!

I made this cute couple for my friend who was getting married:

Crochet Bride and Groom

I first made the bride doll, complete with dress, and then the groom. Unfortunately the groom turned out a lot smaller than the bride and since the groom's clothes were a lót of work (that tuxedo was quite a challenge since I didn't have a pattern and had to make it up as I went along...) I decided to redo the bride instead. And so I am left with a lovely bride doll ánd her bridal gown!

I don't have the link to a pattern for you - this was very much an improvised project all the way - but this doll ís for sale here!

Crochet Bride Doll

Crochet Bride Doll

Crochet Bride Doll

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